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Somerset County, PA was formed in 1795 when George Washington was president. Somerset County , NJ was created long before there were US president.

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Q: Who was the president of the US when the county of somerset was formed?
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When was Somerset County founded?

There are four Somerset Counties in different states across the US. According to the NACo, the year in which each Somerset County was founded is listed as follows: * Somerset County, Maryland: 1666 * Somerset County, Maine: 1809 * Somerset County, New Jersey: 1688 * Somerset County, Pennsylvania: 1795

Was Dwight Eisenhower President of the US when the Interstate highway system was formed?

Dwight Eisenhower was President of the US when the Interstate highway system was formed.

Who was US President when the United Nations was officially formed?

Harry Truman was the US president when the UN was created.

Who was elected the first president when the US was formed?


How many counties in Nebraska have the same name as US Presidents?

# Adams County for John Adams the 2nd President. # Arthur County for Chester Arthur the 21st President. # Fillmore County for Millard Fillmore the 13th President. # Garfield County for James Garfield the 12th President. # Grant County for Ulysses Grant. # Hayes County for Rutherford Hayes. # Jefferson County for Thomas Jefferson. # Lincoln County for Abraham Lincoln. # Madison County may have been named for James Madison although because its early settlers were mostly from Madison Wisconsin that is the likely source of its name. # Pierce County for Franklin Pierce. # Polk County for James Polk. # Washington County for George Washington. * Clay and Douglas Counties were named for Presidential hopefuls Henry Clay and Stephen Douglas. * Johnson County was NOTnamed for a US President but for Richard Mentor Johnson who was th 9th Vice President of the US.

What former president of the us was born in mecklenburg county?

James Knox Polk

What is the county that shares the name of your 1st US president?

Washington was the first US president, so anything that shares that name would have to be Washington as well.

What president was in office when we joined the united nations?

Harry Truman was President when the UN was formed - the US was in it from the start.

When and where was the twentieth president of the US born?

James Garfield, the 20th US president, was born in a log cabin in Cuyahoga County, Ohio on November 19, 1831.

What cities or towns in Utah have the same name as a us president?

Fillmore is the capitol of Millard county, named after president Millard Fillmore. There is also a Washington County and Washington City. There is a city of Monroe, a Garfield County, and a Roosevelt City.

What US president formed an important relationship with Mao?

Richard Milhous Nixon.

When can the County Sheriff call out the National Guard?

County Sheriffs do not have the authority to call out the Guard. That's done by the governor of the state or the president of the US.