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A reserved seat on a train, is a seat that you have booked in advance, and which is kept free for your use only. Reserved could also mean a person that is quiet and unlikely to push themselves forward.

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means everything

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Q: What does reserved mean in government?
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What does the term reserved power mean?

The powers not delegated to the national government by the Constitution, nor prohibited to the states, are reserved to the states, or the people

What does reserved oil mean?

Oil that is "reserved" by the US government is held underground in the Teapot Dome area of Wyoming. It is to be used in cases of national emergencies.

What are the delegated-reserved and concurrent powers?

reserved powers are powers reserved to the state Delegated powers are powers reserved to the federal government and Concurrent powers are powers reserved to both state and federal government

Which level of government holds reserved powers?

state government

Powers kept by the state governments?

Reserved powers, are the powers kept by the state Government.

What type of power is one that is held by states government only?


What are the rights and powers independent of the federal government that are reserved for the states by the constitution called?

Any of the rights that are not already reserved by the constitution for the federal government.

A states can pass its reserved to which government?


A class network class is reserved for special purposes?

Class A(government) and E are reserved for special purposes.

Powers not given to the federal government by the constitution and not forbidden to the states are reserved for who?

Those powers are reserved by the people

The reserved powers belong to who?

Reserved powers belong to the states. Reserved powers are the powers that are not granted to the National Government by the Constitution and they are not denied to the states.

What powers does the constitution give to states but not to the federal government?