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Q: What does sympathetic public mean?
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Which activity is helpful to both public officials and interest groups?

working for the election of sympathetic public officials

What is the feminine form of Sympathique?

Sympathique is used for both genders, but does not mean sympathetic, exactly.------------Sympathique does not mean sympathetic. Compatissant means sympathetic (it's basically 'compassionate').

What does the name weaam mean?

sympathetic and harmonious relationship.

What does the word softhearted mean?

Kind or sympathetic to others.

What are the main three nerves?

i think you mean nervous systems; central (CNS), autonomic (ANS), and the sympathetic or para-sympathetic (SNS).

What does abnormally sensitive mean?

Unusually sympathetic to others to a greater degree.

What does the medical abbreviation RSD mean?

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome

What does the medical abbreviation sns mean?

SNS stands for sympathetic nervous system.

What does sympathetic stimulation mean?

The sympathetic portion of the autonomic system is activated. You activate what is called the Fight or Flight system. Your heart beat increases as well as your blood pressure.

What is the comparative for sympathetic?

more sympathetic

What does sympathomiminic mean?

An agent that mimics the effects of the sympathetic nervous system.Example: Epinephrine and norepinephrine are sympathomimetic hormones because they produce effects that mimic those brought about by the sympathetic nervous system.

Which Greek god was directly linked to the working of sympathetic magic?

It depends upon what you mean of sympathetic magic - but gods were of the spirit of elements and could call upon such powers of nature and magic.