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It requires the electors to vote on seperate sheets of paper.

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Q: What does the 12th amendment require?
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Which constitutional amendment specifies the separate election of the president and vice president by the electoral college?

The 12th Amendment reorganized the system for electing the US President.

Of the following amendment which one established that the president and vice president are to chosen separately in electoral voting?

12th amendment

What amendment Reinforces the creation of the electoral college?

the 12th Amendment

Which amendment was ratified because of a tie vote in the Presidential election of 1800?

12th amendment

In 1804 the 12th amendment changed the way the U.S?

The 12th Amendment clarifies the election process for the offices of president and vice-president.

What amendment provides for the election of President and Vice President on separate ballets?

The thwelfth (12th) Amendment.

What amendment changed the way the president is elected?

The 12th Amendment changed the way the president is elected.

What is the 12th amendment of the constitution do?

Before the 12th amendment the President & Vice President were elected independently. They could be worlds apart politically or even hate each other. After the 12th people voted for the President & Vice President as a pair.

What amendment separated voting for president and vice president in the electoral college?

The 12th Amendment of the Constitution states that electors are to vote separately for the president and vice president, on separate electoral ballots.Before this amendment the electors cast two votes in one election and the second-place finisher was made vice-president. In 1800 Jefferson and his running mate, Aaron Burr, tied in electoral votes, sending the election into the House of Representatives to decide and this event prompted the introduction and ratification of the 12th amendment in time for the 1804 election.The 12th amendment does this. .Before this amendment, ratified in the early 1800s, the person with the most votes became president and the person with the next greatest number of votes became vice president.

What amendment says that electors will vote for one president and one vice president?

Such is the gist of the 12th amendment.

What amendment specifies that electors will cast one ballot for president and one for vice president?

12th amendment

Who wrote the 12TH amendment in the US Constitution?

Thomas Jefferson