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Since the day that Venice was found is on April 25th in 421AD, and that day is St. Mark's Day. Also, St. Mark is the patron saint of Venice. The winged lions that represents Venice is also a symbol of St. Mark. ALSO - The Winged Lion has been used by The Holy Orders of Knighthood since the founding of the Holy Orders - both Citadel & other Holy Orders - to represent the Spirit of GOD as Christ is the Lion of Judah. The Winged Lion stands for strength, loyalty, courage, and righteousness in action from heaven. A super natural appearing of the power and authority of GOD. Lions have represented monarchs or rulers for centuries and the addition of wings adds the celestial or heavenly element to the authority. Lions are brave and aggressive and the 'king of beasts', so using such symbolism adds a more vivid image of leadership against odds and trouble. The Citadel Holy Orders use a winged lion with a sword on their Holy Writ Apportion medals. The winged lion is on one side of a Citadel and a winged griffin is on the other side. Both with swords and both representing divine Holy influences and authority of The Holy Triune GOD of the Holy Christian Crusader Orders that are still in function. Hope this helps a little more with more info and examples.

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Q: What does the Italian winged lion represent?
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What does a winged lion represent in a dream?

Wings represents the desire for a freer life Lion represents symbolizes great strength, courage, aggression and power.

What is the symbol for the gospel of mark?

A winged lion. See link below:

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A minute lion is, I think, simply a winged lion.

Which disciple was represented by a lion?

Traditionally, this is Luke. the symbolism of the winged man, an eagle, a winged lion, and a winged ox derive from Ezekiel's vision. Luke was not a disciple, but rather one of the 4 evangelists.

Which gospel has a symbol of a winged lion?

A lion or a winged lion is Mark's symbol. The lion derives from Mark's description of John the Baptist as a "voice of one crying out in the desert" (Mark 1:3), which artists compared to a roaring lion. The wings come from the application of Ezekiel's vision of four winged creatures (Ezekiel, chapter one) to the evangelists.

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An assyrian winged lion is a famous lion with wings and the head of a person. The original came from a statue called IAMASSUwhich was sculpted in the neo-assyrian period under the reign of Ashurnasirpal II.

What is the symbol of the gospel of Mark?

The symbol of the Gospel of Mark is the winged lion. This symbol is derived from Mark's description of John the Baptist's voice "crying out in the wilderness," likening it to the roaring of a lion.

Why is St. Mark's symbol a lion?

St. Mark's symbol is a lion because it is believed to represent the courage and strength of his Gospel writings. Additionally, the lion is often associated with royalty, which reflects St. Mark's emphasis on Christ as the King of Kings.

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