What does the platform committee do?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The platform committee develops and writes the principles and policies for the party platform.

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Q: What does the platform committee do?
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What does a platform committee do?

developed policy statements

What does a platform committee?

developed policy statements

Who writes the party platform at the national convention?

There is a platform committee that writes the platform and presents it to the assembly for approval. I do not know whether changes can be made from the floor.

What does a party at the national convention issue to explain its position on the issues of the day?

During a political party's national convention, a select committee of important party members issues a "platform". This is a list of issues, new programs, and positions on current laws, that the party plans to adhere to when its candidates are elected.

Which is a joint committee a select committee a conference committee a standing committee or a committee of the whole?

A conference committee

What is correct committee which or committee who?

committee, which

Is congressional committee a standing committee or a conference committee?

standing committee

Which committee is a permantent committee?

standing committee

What kind of a committee is the permanent committee?

Standing Committee

What kind of committee includes members from both houses of congress?

You would call it a Joint Committee....

If I were to run for president should I run as Democrat or Republican?

By the time you form your fund raising committee and develop a platform you will know which party is more closely aligned with your values and ideals. You don't get to choose a party... It will choose you.

Is committee or committee the right spelling?

Committee is the correct spelling.Some example sentences are:The committee will hold a meeting on Monday.I am on the committee of executives.