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The President of the US controls the Executive Branch of the government.

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Q: What does the president control?
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What control does Australia's president have?

Australia does not have a president, so no control.

Who takes control of the USA if the president is killed?

Vice President

How much control does the president really have over government spending?

The president has no control over the budget or appropriations. He has some control over how quickly funds are actually spent.

How do you gain control in a dictatorship?

you can gain control in a dictatorship by becoming president

What thing president cannot do?

they can not control your life because you are you and you control yourself

Who is in control of the nations military?


Does the president control nuclear power?


What role gives the president control of the nation's armed forces?

The President is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. Therefore, he is in control of it all.

What are the responsibilites of the US President?

to control the army

Who has control over the White House?

the president does

Who has the ultimate control of Washington DC?

The president

Who is the First president of the US to have control over the fifty states?

Dwight Eisenhower was president of the U.S. when Hawaii became the 50th state. Is that what you mean by "control"?