What does the propose mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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to ask for marrige to make an offer to present or put fordward for consideration

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Q: What does the propose mean?
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What does it mean when faviourate celabrity propose you in your dream?

It means you have a crush on that celebrity and you want him or her to propose.

What does the spanish word proponemos mean?

We propose

What does yo te proprongo mean?

I propose to you

Does propose mean love?

When a person proposes to another person, they are asking that person to marry them. So, in my opinion, propose should definitely mean love!

Who did Jake pavelka propose to?

the mean ugly witch Vienna

What does Amend the Motion mean?

It means to propose a change to a Motion.

What does it mean when you propose and want the answer immediatily but she said you should go and come?

She Mean NO. Sorry Dude.

Does vow mean promice or propose?

Vow means promise or oath.

What words start with P and mean submit?

present, proffer, propose

In the Victoria and Albert section what does the word propose mean?


What does it mean when your crush buys you a gift on Valentine's Day?

He likes you. He wants to propose you.

What does it mean a wedding in your dream?

your boyfriend or longterm mate will propose soon. Have a nice Wedding!