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The speaker of the house can announce a proposed bill to a committee made up of government officials. The bill can then be voted on to see if it should be passed.

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Q: What does the speaker of the house do to a proposed bill?
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A bill may be proposed by?

In the Congress, a bill may be proposed by a member of the House of Representatives. It has to pass through the House before coming before the Senate. However, in general, anyone can propose a bill to their representative in the House, and have it proposed on their behalf.

What was not a responsibility of the speaker of the house?

to debate proposed legislation

What common observation can be drawn from the proposed senate bill and house bill and WHO?


What president did Newt Gingrich work with as speaker of the US house?

Bill Clinton was the president when Gingrich was House Speaker.

Who refers bills to committees in the House?

The Parliamentarian of the United States Senate

What is a substantive committee?

Appointed by the House speaker, a substantive committee considers bill and resolutions related to the subject identified by its name and may recommend passage of proposed legislation to the appropriate calendars committee.

Does The Bill of Rights provides that the Speaker of the House shall be elected by the entire house?


What does the clerk do at a first reading of a bill?

At the first reading of a bill, the Clerk reads the bill, then gives it to the Speaker of the House. He then stands up and tells the House what the title of the bill is.

Who cannot sponsor a bill in Congress?

The President can't sponsor a bill in Congress.

Who may a bill be proposed by?

A member of the house of representatives, the President, or the Vice-President

Which house committee studied representative Atkins's proposed bill?

The conference committee

Which house committee studied representatives Atkin's proposed bill?

The conference committee