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To dance in prayer.

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Q: What does traditional dancing originally mean to Native Americans?
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Bluegrass is the traditional music if what group of people?

Native Americans

Who live traditional lives in the forest?

Native Americans Apex!

What continent did Native Americans originally come from?

Native Americans crossed the land bridge to North America from Asia. So technically they are from Asia.

What illness did europeans spread to native Americans?

they spread small pox by giving blankets originally owned by people who had small pox to the Native Americans

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Native americans

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Native Americans were the first settlers in California. The population of Native Americans was large and was throughout the state. The Spanish were the first Europeans in California.

Who were the native Americans that are credited with giving Texas its name?

Yes, there were Native American in Texas. There were Native Americans throughout the Americas before the Europeans arrived.

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traditional singing and dancing, beading, sewing, hunting, fishing, and dog sledding.

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yes, first and native are the same. Native means originally from that area. The native Americans were the people that originally settled in America (before the Europeans did in the late 15th and early 16th centuries

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The Native Americans didn't really have a choice. They were forced (most of them). Many were killed when they refused to give up their traditional beliefs.