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A subculture is a part of society that shares similar patterns or views of functions within the larger culture. For "youth subculture", its simply a reference to the way youth measures right and wrong, and what is prominent or real as a whole.

For example, the youth subculture (high school age, maybe) values: minor's rights or rules about getting and retaining drivers licenses.

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Q: What does youth subculture mean?
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Does Spain have subcultures?

yes, I'm pretty sure it is the North African immigrants subculture and the "Macarra" urban youth subculture in large cities

In NZ in the 1950s who were Bodgies and Widgies?

a youth subculture that existed in Australia and New Zealand in the 1950

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Is the Boy Scouts a subculture?

I wouldn't say that. If that were so, then every major youth club in America would be considered a subculture. Besides, most boy scouts go to school and enjoy many of the same things non-scouters do.

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Does subculture mean Chinese people using chopsticks?


Give you an example of subculture in Britain?

One example of a subculture in Britain is the Mod subculture, which emerged in the 1960s and is associated with stylish attire, scooters, and a love of soul, ska, and rhythm and blues music. Mods were known for their sharp fashion sense and their preference for clean living and sophistication, setting them apart from other youth movements of the time.

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Is Facebook a subculture?

No way. It's a media. People can communicate, share and get informations. Users from different subcultures use this media but it doesn't mean it's a subculture itself.

What does nu-goth mean?

"New" Goth; current regeneration of the Gothic subculture.