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Q: What early president hoped to make the government more responsive to ordinary people such as farmers?
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Which Federalist policy or policies did Thomas Jefferson change that showed he wanted to make the national government work for ordinary people?

Thomas Jefferson repealed the excise tax on whiskey, which was seen as burdensome for ordinary farmers. He also advocated for limited government intervention in the economy and emphasized agrarian values, aiming to support the interests of farmers and rural communities instead of urban elites. Additionally, he reduced the size and scope of the military, redirecting funds towards public education and western expansion, thus prioritizing the needs of ordinary citizens over a strong centralized government.

Are most farms in Kenya owned by farmers and not the government?


Differences between Punjabi farmers and Kashmiri farmers?

it is like Punjabi farmers have got better facilities and government policies but kashmiri farmers have not

What did President George washington consider to be a grave danger to the newnation?

The Whiskey Rebellion, because he thought that for farmers to refuse to pay their taxes would cause the government to collapse.

How did farmers and commoners support the Inca government?

Farmers had to cultivate the lands of the government and the religion. Commoners also had to supply labor for state projects.

Cause and effects of the whiskey rebellion?

President Washington's use of soldiers to make the farmers stop rebelling had two effects: 1) the government was able to demonstrate its power and 2) the Federalist Party lost the support of the people.The wealthy people's perspective of President Washington's Whiskey Rebellion action was that it was a good move. The ordinary people's perspective was that the government had been too harsh and that it should have listened to complaints of the farmers.

How did the government aid farmers?

Federal goverment

What did farmers expect from president Washington?

To eat pigs.

What did farmers protest in Pennsylvania?

Farmers were protesting a tax on whiskey during President Washington's term in office.

How did government respond to organized protest by farmers?

The initial response by the government to organized protest by farmers was to raise prices and investigate BGA management and finances.

Weakness in the presidential election process in 1796 what does this flaw reveal about the farmers?

The weakness in the election process is that the president and vice president would be elected from different parties and this flaw reveals that farmers aren’t completely into the president.

How did the government try to help farmers during the great depression?

the government did not pay farmers for anything