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The federal government wanted the Native Americans to become farmers.

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Q: Why did the federal government decide to break up the reservations?
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What promises to the native Americans did the government break?

The simplest answer is all of them. To date there is no single "promise" (treaty obligation) given by the United States that has been honored.

What was the reason that South Carolina decided to secede from the union?

to break its contracts with the federal government.

When is the US federal government allowed to break up businesses?

If the business has no competition and becomes a monopoly.

What act makes it a crime to break into computers owned by the federal government?

usa patriot act

How did the federal government side with industry in the Pullman Strike?

attached mail cars to Pullman cars as a reason to send in federal troops to break the strike.

The Pullman strike created the first instance of what?

The government use of federal troops to break a labor strike.

What was George Pullmans key contribution in the 1894 Pullman Strike?

Employers are allowed to seek federal injunctions to break strikes. The federal government ordered strikers back to work.

The Pullman strike hurt the labor movement primarily because?

it established the right of employers to use the federal government to break unions.

During the major industrial strike the late 19th century which action did the Federal Government take?

Military force and court injunctions were used against the workers to help end the strikes

Fill in the blank after the break with Britain each of the states wrote a new ----- a framework for the state government?

No, after the Declaration was published there was a 5 year war. After the war there really wasn't a framework for States to have government beyond what they all ready had. When the federal government was formed the states could model the new state constitutions on the federal constitution.

What proposed to break up the reservations and encourage native Americans to become farmers?

dawes act

What proposed to break up to reservations and encouraged native Americans to become farmers?

dawes act