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I beleive its Theodore Roosevelt

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Q: Who was the first president to use federal troops to break up a major strike?
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The Pullman strike created the first instance of what?

The government use of federal troops to break a labor strike.

How did the federal government side with industry in the Pullman Strike?

attached mail cars to Pullman cars as a reason to send in federal troops to break the strike.

What is the primary function of the president?

Break an airline strike.

Which strike did President Cleveland send soldiers to break up?

Pullman Company Strike

What is the Pullman Strike and President Cleveland?

The = pullman strike was a strike of Rail road workers against any train that had a pullman car attached to it. They would not service them. George pullman was cutting the hours of his works and keeping the prices of the company town the same. so the works could not afford to live there so they went on strike. The president at the time Gorver Cleveland sent in US troops to break up the strike because most train had stopped due to lack of maintance.

During the major industrial strike the late 19th century which action did the Federal Government take?

Military force and court injunctions were used against the workers to help end the strikes

What union-damaging ruling did the Pullman strike lead to?

Employers are allowed to seek federal injunctions to break strikes.

What was George Pullmans key contribution in the 1894 Pullman Strike?

Employers are allowed to seek federal injunctions to break strikes. The federal government ordered strikers back to work.

The Pullman strike hurt the labor movement primarily because?

it established the right of employers to use the federal government to break unions.

What role did the army play in the railroad strikes of 1877?

It stopped the strike

What branch of the federal government does the Vice-President head?

The Vice-President is part of the Executive branch of the US government, but he is also President of the Senate, which carries very little power (may break tie votes).

What role did the the pinkertons play in the homestead strike?

The Pinkertons were a private police force called in to break the strike.