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The Whig party wanted to charter a third national bank to handle the governments finances. They wanted a protective tariff to help new American manufacturers compete with the established British manufacturers. They wanted federally sponsored internal improvements such as turnpikes, canals and railroads to help farmers move their crops faster and cheaper. Finally, they wanted to distribute the surplus revenue back to the states for internal improvements.

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Q: What economic principles did the Whig party stand for?
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What did the Whigs stand for?

The Whig party stood for liberalism, economic nationalism, agrarianism, and pro-federalism. Four of the US Presidents were of the Whig Party.

In general the whig party tended to favor?

The Whig Party was a political party that was active in the U.S. during the early 19th century. In general, it tended to favor a strong federal role in both moral and economic issues.

What was the whig party-?

The Whig party was an early American political entity that fielded and successfully ran several presidential campaigns. It espoused liberalism, economic nationalism, and it was pro-federal in its structure.

What did the Democratic Party and the whig party have in common?

What did the Democratic Party and the Whig party have in common

When was True Whig Party created?

Modern Whig Party was created in 2009.

What caused the Whig party to gain strength during Van Biden's presidency?

A serious economic crisis

What political party was originally a 3rd party?

The Whig party. (Not the wig party! The Whig party!) ~Guardiavoir

Which party was formed from the groups that opposed the agenda of the Democrat's in the S's and lost support when it refused to stand against slavery?

The Whig Party

What party formed to protest king Andrew?

The party that was formed was called the Whig Party.

What was the Whig party position on the economy?

They believed government involvement would protect the economy.They believed that the government should spend money to help the economy.Tyler vetoed the Whig economic legislation and was expelled from the Whig party. It presently has two members elected to a school board and a local position.

What caused the Whig Party to gain strength during Martin van Buren's presidency?

A serious economic crisis

When was Florida Whig Party created?

Florida Whig Party was created in 2006.