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the election of 1816 :)

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Q: What election marked the last time the Federalist Party ran a candidate for president?
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How did the election of 1796 differ from the first president elections?

First of all, our elections now take place only on one day. That particular election took place from a monday December 15th 1788 to Saturday January 10th 1789. It was the only election that ever took place that was partially in a year that wasn't a multiple of 4. In the election George Washington was unanimously elected for the office of President, and John Adams was the vice president. Basically there was not a formal election- individual states chose who they were going to send to elect the President, and when they all met together they unanimously voted for Washington. The total number of electoral votes was 69.

What was the 1800 election marked the first time for?

Men who didn't own land could vote.

In 1896 what was part of the reason the Populist party declined?

William Jenning Bryan, the Democrat candidate stood on a populist platform, but lost to the Republican candidate William McKinley who won with a large margin. Bryan proposed a silver currency that would improve the economy and life of the farmers. McKinley had the support of wealthy funders, and urban supporters in the North East. The election marked the exclusive reliance on rural votes to win an election. The election of 1896 marked the end of populism because the populists believed that a merger would dilute their identity and and the party would decline.

What was the significance of the election of 1848?

Answer #1: The election of 1800 is significant because it was marked the first time that one party had replaced another in power in the United States. Answer #2: The election of 1800 is significant because of the problems with the voting system led Congress to propose the Twelfth Amendment, which a separate ballot for President and Vice President.

Which presidential election marked the beginning of white male suffrage?

White male suffrage is a form of voting rights that grants all adult white men voting rights. After the 1828 election, in which Andrew Jackson won, voting rights increased.

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His election marked the end of Reconstruction?

The president's election that marked the end of Reconstruction was Rutherford Hayes. It was during the Presidential Election of 1876.

What was significant about the Election of 1800?

It was the first transfer of power that didn't involve bloodshed. (Federalist to Republicans) It marked the end of the federalist party and the begining of the Republican. yay apush

Who is election of president in 1800 marked the beginning of a period of democratic domination that would last until the civil war?

Thomas Jefferson.

Which events marked a significant turning point in relationships between different races in the US?

The election of Barack Obama as President in 2008.

What presidential election marked the end of populism?

Election of 1896

What did Thomas Jefferson win?

Jefferson finally won on the 36th vote. the election marked the first time that one party had replaced author in power in the u.s.

How did the election of Andrew Jackson set a precedent?

Andrew Jackson's election marked a new era in US political power. Jackson was the first president who was not tied to the founding fathers. He was the first president from the western frontier. His election was the first in which the more recent immigrants and settlers of the frontier exerted enough political power to elect a president. Jackson's defeat in 1824 and subsequent election in 1828 marked the beginning of national political parties.

Did the federalist party win control of both houses of congress from the republican party in 1800 election?

As known that at the time under the Constitution two candidates with the most votes became president and Vice President. In the election of 1800 the tie between Jefferson and Burr and the desicion went to House of Representatives. Jefferson finall won the 36th vote and marked the first time one party replaced another party in the US. Therefore no it did not Jefferson (a Democratic-Republican) gaine control of one of the houses of congress. So it is false

Republican Party candidate in 1856 election who had helped seize California during the Mexican War?

John C. Frémont, a former military officer and explorer, was the Republican Party candidate in the 1856 election. Known as the "Pathfinder," Frémont had played a significant role in the Mexican War and was credited with helping seize California. While he lost the election to James Buchanan of the Democratic Party, Frémont's candidacy marked the emergence of the Republican Party as a significant political force.

The election of 1796 highlighted the rise of what?

The election of 1796 highlighted the rise of political parties in the United States. It was the first election in which the candidates were officially nominated by political parties, with John Adams representing the Federalist Party and Thomas Jefferson representing the Democratic-Republican Party. This marked a shift from the previous non-partisan elections and signaled the growing influence and power of political parties in shaping American politics.

What presidential election marked the first time power was peacefully transferred from one political party to another?

election of 1800

When are the president and vice-president officially elected?

The ballots are marked, certified and sent to Washington in care of the president of the Senate on the Monday following the second Wednesday of December following the election in November. On January 6, in a special joint session of Congress, the ballots are opened and officially counted, and the results are announced.