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Potassium and Hydrogen

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Q: What elements are found in Group 1A sometimes referred to as Group 1?
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What are elements called when they are found in nature?

Elements found in nature are referred to natural elements, as opposed to synthetic, which are man made.

The elements known as the alkali metals are found in Group?

The elements known as alkali metals are found in group I

Who many elements are found in group 4?

There are 4 elements in group-4.

What elements are found in group 2 what kind of elements are they?

group 2 elements are alkaline of the element in d group is berrylium

Are noble gases found in group VIIA?

No. group VIIA (or group 17) elements are halogens. group VIIIA (or group 18) elements are noble gases.

Are the most stable elements you the periodic table are found in the family of alkali metals?

The most stable elements are found in the Noble Gases, in group 8 or group 0. The most UNstable elements are found in the alkali metals.

Synthetic elements are found in what group?

The Actinoids group contain all the synthetic elements. All the elements that have an atomic weight of 95 and above do not occur naturally. They are part of the actinoid elemental group.

What are some of the elements are found in group A?

Seven elements are found in group A or group 1.These are Hydrogen,Lithium,Sodium,Potassium,Rubidium,Caesium and Francium. Except Hydrogen all are metals.

What are some examples of stable elements and where are they found in the periodic table?

noble elements are the stable elements. They are found in group 18 in the periodic table.

Are group 1 or group 2 metals ever found in their elemental state?

All the chemical elements from group I and II are very reactive; it is impossible to found these elements in nature in elemental state.

Which two groups of elements are never found uncombined in nature?

group 1 elements

Are elements with similar chemical properties found in the same group om the periodic table?

Yes, elements with same properties are found in same group. They have same chemical properties.