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The writings on Taino cave walls are called Petroglyphs. They aren't restricted to Taino cave writing, other Petroglyphs occur worldwide. For the taino these cave paintings often depicted the spiritual forces they believed in throughout the caribbean, and weren't neccesarily writing in a convential modern sense.

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These paintings are often referred to simply as petroglyphs.

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Cave paintings are often referred to as 'Petroglyphs.'

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Q: What is the writing found in caves called?
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Its basically famous for its paintings. They are called "paleolithic cave paintings". The reason why they are so famous is because they are older then 15,000 years old, they are very precious. These caves are located in France and it was discovered in September 1940. Most of the paintings are of beautiful horses and locals come down and see the paintings and the beautiful caves... Two in one. Hope this helped you...

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How do you know about history before the written word?

Before ancient peoples used writing, they left a history that allows us to see a glimpse of how they lived. Early man who lived in caves left drawings that show the animals they hunted and displayed other aspects of how they lived. Archaeologists have discovered remains of ancient man before writing. Their excavations have revealed much about early human kind.

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Well, during the different times (historically) but ironically, the name gives a straightforward answer. Indeed they slept in caves, natural occurring "caves," many were huge openings in mountains that the "cavemen" found shelter in because back in the time of cavemen, the only thing that mattered was survival, so the cave was indeed ideal for this. This was because the cave was rather warm and blocked bad weather- obviously the deeper in the cave you were, the less the weather got to you.

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What are writing found in caves called?

what are writing found in caves called?

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