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Before ancient peoples used writing, they left a history that allows us to see a glimpse of how they lived.

Early man who lived in caves left drawings that show the animals they hunted and displayed other aspects of how they lived.

Archaeologists have discovered remains of ancient man before writing. Their excavations have revealed much about early human kind.

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Q: How do you know about history before the written word?
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What is the definition of 'prehistory'?

'Pre', or before, and History form the word prehistory, so "Before - History" History is mostly a made up idea from humans, and it is written history that is "History" So yeah. Before written history, like the other answer to this question.

What is the root word for the word prehistoric?

The root word for "prehistoric" is "pre-", which means before or prior to, and "historic", which refers to events recorded in history. Together, they indicate a period of time before written records began.

What is difference between prehistory and history?

prehistory- is before the written word, where most of the stories where passed down orally. history- began when civilizations, invented writing and could record events.

What is the word for time in history when you do have written records?

That would just be "history" or "the literary age"

Why is the era of prehistory called prehistory?

it is because prehistory was written in a different way

What is a sentence for the word history?

I would like to study world history. Do you know the history teacher?

What is the base or root word for prehistoric?

History is the root word (or base word). Pre- is the prefix, and -ic is the suffix.

Why was the time before written records known as the prehistoric period?

It is known as the prehistoric period because it was the time in which there was no history recorded, because a system of writing did not exist yet. Hence the word PRE-historic, which inevitably means BEFORE history.

What is history's timeline?

The first recorded history is probably cavemen drawings, anything before that can only be known by fossil records. The invention of clay, metal tablets and eventually paper (known as papyrus to the Ancient Egyptians) forever changed the history of history because we had a way to record it. Nowadays we have millions of textbooks and artifacts to study the history of man. 'History' is literally the written word. The History of History should refer to the development of writing, as a method of communication, recording, art, self-expression. That is why there is such a things as Pre-History, that is, all that occurred before the written word. There is such a things a Proto-history which is that era, incorporating the Dark Ages, so called because of the lack of written texts, where only a few exmaples of writing survive and History, as in the record of the past, is unravelled from later texts, Bede for instance in England, the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, and various oral sources also subsequently written down in later times, sagas and poems for instance, the Song of Roland and Beowulf being the two best examples. History of History could also know as the history where history come from .

How do you spell prehistorical?

There is no such word as prehistorical. The adjective is prehistoric (before recorded history).

Can you give me a sentence with the word history?

In school we have history class. and someone asked me to name a sentence with the word history in it so..... Here are some Whats your history? Is your friendship history? are your grades history? What do u know about history? History is past tense. History is after future.

What is the word for books written before 1500?