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it is because prehistory was written in a different way

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prehistory is the time before writing developed

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Pre means before and historic has the root word history which means and event that is famous for something which means it is events that happened before history beganto be recorded.

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Q: Why is the era of prehistory called prehistory?
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What was the period of time called before systems of writing were used?

pre history pre historythe time before writting was invented is called prehistory.

Which phrase defines the time called prehistory?

Which phrase defines the time called prehistory

What era after prehistory?

The era after prehistory is known as history. History typically refers to recorded events and developments in human societies that began with the invention of writing around 5,000 years ago.

How many years ago did the prehistory era end?

325 BC[or]AD325

What was BC called before AD?


The period of time before writing was used is called?

The period of time before writing was used is called prehistory. This era is characterized by the absence of written records and includes the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. Research from this time relies on archaeology, artifacts, and oral traditions to understand human history and culture.

How are we dealing with prehistory?

We study that in a subject called Geology.

Which prehistoric era was the longest?

The earliest era of prehistory was also the longest. The Stone Age lasted from around 25,000 years to ago to about 5,500 years ago.

What is the period before written words?

it's called prehistory

What are the events that happen before written language called?


Why is the long period of time before the development of written language called prehistory?

The long period before the development of written language is called prehistory because it refers to the time before written records or documentation of historical events, making it difficult to study and interpret without written sources. This era lacks written records, so our understanding of it is based on archaeological findings and scientific evidence.

The period of time in the past before writing was invented is called?