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In the most general terms, prehistory differs from history inasmuch as it is that period of time that has occurred before periods in which human ideas and events have been recorded, particularly through writing. In other words, 'history' refers to times or events that have been preserved through records of some kind, while 'prehistory' refers to what came before such records.

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History is the story or record of what has happened in the past. Prehistory is the period before events were recored in writing. by Jade Molina

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Q: How is history different from prehistory?
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How are history and prehistory are alike?

prehistory is before and history is now

How do you compare recorded history with prehistory?

Recorded history is history that has already happened and prehistory is history that is about to happen.

Why is the era of prehistory called prehistory?

it is because prehistory was written in a different way

What is significant difference between prehistory and history?

The difference is that prehistory and history aren't the same definition and word

What ended prehistory?


What is the significant difference between prehistory and history?

The significant difference between prehistory and history is prehistory is history to old people that has happened now for example and iPhone is problaly an artifact to very old people.

What was the period of time called before systems of writing were used?

pre history pre historythe time before writting was invented is called prehistory.

What are prefixes to the word history?


What does the term prehistory describe?

Prehistory is all that period before people started recording their history.

Why does the development of writing end our story of prehistory?

The writings are the history, so prehistory is before writing.

What is the definition of 'prehistory'?

'Pre', or before, and History form the word prehistory, so "Before - History" History is mostly a made up idea from humans, and it is written history that is "History" So yeah. Before written history, like the other answer to this question.

What is the root or base words for prehistory?