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whiskeys rebellion

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Q: What event proved that the US Constitution was strong?
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What event occurred the year the US Constitution went into effect?

Rhode island ratified the Constitution.

What document established a strong national government?

The US Constitution.

Which event happened before the U.S. Constitution was adopted?

the articles of confederation was the first system of government the us had before the us constitution

When Washington sent the US army to stop a rebellion in Pennsylvania it proved that the government was?

It proved that the government was strong enough to keep order and enforce laws.

What happened under the Articles of Confederation?

The Articles of Confederation set up for strong state governments, and they did not allow for much federal intervention. This was a great concept, but later proved to have weaknesses. These weaknesses are what led to the US Constitution.

Select one historical event that you believe had the greatest impact on the development of the US Constitution?

Shay's Rebellion - It exposed the weakness of the national government under the Articles of Confederation, showing the necessity of a strong central government, which was established under the Constitution.

What part of the US constitution protects the weak from the strong?

The chroman law.

What event proved that mammals could live in space?

The US space program has sent numerous animals into space,

The US Constitution was drafted as a result of dissatisfaction with what document?

The Articles of Confederation, the first form of central US government, were approved by the states in 1781, but proved too weak to be workable. The US Constitution replaced the Articles in 1787.

What did the Federalists want the US Constitution to provide?

strong centralized government that was self functioning

How did the constitution influence the government?

helped us have rights, with a strong government at the same time

What even caused the delegates of the US to meet and create a new constitution?

There was no particular event that caused the authors of the constitution to meet to create a new constitution. However, Shay's rebellion could perhaps be labeled as the most important singular event which caused the authors of the Constitution to convene.

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