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-Shift in employment: to tourism

-Unemployment -Deprivation

-Brownfield sites

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Q: What evidence is there that Cumbria is suffering from De-industrialization?
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Which emerged after deindustrialization?

Free Trade

Which is a symbol of deindustrialization?

A symbol of deindustrialization would be people moving out of the cities as industry becomes a less central part of daily life.

Is Cumbria in Iceland?

No. Cumbria is in England.

What has the author Eun Kwan Choi written?

Eun Kwan Choi has written: 'Infrastructure aid, deindustrialization, and welfare' -- subject(s): Infrastructure (Economics), Economic assistance, Deindustrialization

How many people died in Cumbria?

effects in Cumbria

What is cumbria in Welsh?

"Cumbria" or possibly "Yr Hen Ogledd".

When was Cumbria Constabulary created?

Cumbria Constabulary was created in 1856.

What is the population of Cumbria?

The 2007 estimate of Cumbria's population is 497,000.

Is wales closer to cumbria than Scotland?

Cumbria goes all the way to the Scottish border.

What is the distance from Cumbria to Perth?

Where in Cumbria? Perth, Scotland or Perth, Australia ?

What is cumbria famous for?

Cumbria is famous becaouse of the floods and the shootings ;D

When was University of Cumbria created?

University of Cumbria was created on 2007-08-01.