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The U.S. Constitution was a document that was used in early Colonial America, also known mainly as the thirteen colonies, to pass laws in America before the American Revolution. It is still used today by the supreme court to pass laws.

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It is a set of political principles by which a state or organisation is governed, especially in relation to the people it governs

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Q: What exactly is the US Constitution?
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Many people including Rick Green and Senator McCain believe the US Constitution was founded on Christian Values. To exactly what values specific to Judeo-Christianity is the US Constitution based?

I think the Constitution is based on a freedom from religion, not religion.

How are the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence similar?

The Declaration of Independence was exactly as it sounds, and the Constitution was crafted, in large part, around trying to solve the problems of government that the Declaration complained of.

Does the phrase strict construction mean interpreting the constitution exactly as it is stated?

Close. It means applying the law (not just the constitution) exactly as written.

In what ways is the Iroquois constitution different to the US Constitution?

Compare & Contrast:Iroquois Constitution & U.S. Constitution

What is the difference between the US Constitution and the Washington State Constitution?

the us constitution goes across the hole us wile Washington constitution is only

What year did The US Constitution ratify The US Constitution?


What is the birthday of the constitution?

The US Constitution was established in 9/24/1787.

How does the british Constitution differ from US?

british constitution differ from the US Constitution is that they dont have rule

What is exactly is the constitution?

a document that has different type of laws

What exactly is the constitution?

a document that has different type of laws

What was the Confederate Constitution and the American Constitution?

The Confederate Constitution was almost exactly the same as the American, only naming slavery outright and supporting it.

Was the US Constitution created by the founders?

The US Constitution was not created by the Founders. The US Constitution was written by delegates who attended the Philadelphia Convention.