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A. cultural anthropologists.

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Q: What experts do historians rely on to provide accurate information about the connection between an artifact and the culture or civilization it belongs to?
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Why would it be difficult for historians to obtain accurate information on the reign of Hapsetsut?

Most of the information we have from the pharaohs came from the hieroglyphics carved in their tombs. Very little other information exists. Without other sources of information, historians can not present an accurate picture.

What about religion in ancient civilization is accurate?

religion in ancient civilization could be accurate but if there was a way to find out more people would have tried a long time ago.

How can you help friends who do not have accurate information?

You can provide them with accurate information yourself.

Is all encyclopedia information accurate?

Information contained in an encyclopedia need not be accurate.

Why do some historians feel the dark ages does not accurate depict the era it refers to?


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What is accurate data?

Accurate data is information that is correct.

Why are written sources important to historians?

Written sources provide direct evidence of past events, beliefs, and perspectives, allowing historians to construct accurate and detailed accounts of history. They can offer insights into the thoughts and motivations of individuals and societies, providing a window into the past that may not be available through other means. Written sources also help historians to corroborate information and evaluate its reliability.

What do modern day historians often cite as the best four ancient historians?

Many modern day historians cite the following ancient historians as the most informative and accurate:1. Tacitus; 2. Herodotus; 3. Polybius; and 4. Thucydides.

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What central America and Mexico and was known for their pyramid written language and accurate calendar?

The Mayan civilization.

Which of the following is an accurate description of the manner in which Maya civilization declined around AD 900?