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People should not organize their learning and school time around humanist ideals. If people wish to use humanist ideals, they should use them and not be used by them. Any that are used should be examined and evaluated from time to time. Trying to used humanist ideals birthed the open school which proved to be an educational disaster. On the other hand, doing away with some of the old rigidity helped education. Thus you have just one instance where it has failed miserably when it has been used to organize and one instance where it has been used to provide guidance. Organizing should start out extremely planned and structured. It may not look that way to the participants but everything should be in order. Leadership should have contingency plans. Everything should be planned with military precision. That is the point when you start dealing with people. That is the point where humanist ideals can fit in. If you want to know about the humanists such as John Dewey or Horace Mann, they were super organizers and were totally organized. Do as the did, not as they said.

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Q: What extent should people today organize their learning and school time around humanist ideals?
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