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Sherman is best recognized as one of the founding fathers who helped draft and sign the Declaration of Independence. During the Constitutional Convention, Sherman was noted as one of the most frequent speakers. He is credited with delivering 138 speeches regarding the Declaration. He focused his efforts on defending the importance of the smaller states, such as his home state of Connecticut. Initially responses to his arguments were only well taken by other smaller state representatives. The day after his appointment to the Declaration of Independence drafting committee, Sherman was appointed to help draft the Articles of Confederation. While serving in the Continental Congress, Sherman was assigned to many committees dealing with such issues as foreign affairs and finances. It is said that Sherman laid the foundations for our current-day Treasury Department.

In addition, Sherman is noted as a main mover of the Connecticut Compromise. The Compromise proposed that each state have one house vote regardless of the state's population or size. The Connecticut Compromise combined with the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan to create what is known as The Great Compromise. Sherman is also credited with the foundations for the New Jersey Plan, which discussed the pertinence of each state being equal in their representation in Congress.

Sherman can also be acknowledged for his services to the development of the U.S. Constitution. In addition to signing it, Sherman is credited with providing 11 features of the Constitution. Sherman then went on to present his support for ratification of the Constitution by preparing his fellow residents of Connecticut with a sequence of five letters in the New Haven Gazette. These letters, "To the People of Connecticut from A Countryman," discussed the importance of ratifying the Constitution.

During his latter years, he engrossed himself in the teachings of theology. He is credited with writing several small sermons on religious matters. One of the most well-known is titled, "A Short Sermon on the Duty of Self-Examination: Preparatory to Receive the Lord's Supper," discussed the importance of self examination during communion and goes on to cite the importance of acknowledging one's love for God.

In 1789, he was elected to the First Congress and served until March of 1791. During his time in the Senate, Sherman was appointed as one of only 11 members to prepare the rules and orders for Senate procedures. Sherman served in the Senate from March of 1791 until his death from typhoid fever on July 23, 1793. Sherman was laid to rest at Grove Street Cemetery in New Haven, Connecticut, located close to the Yale campus. Roger Sherman's efforts toward the creation of the United States were substantial. He is recognized as being the only member of the Continental Congress to have signed the Articles of Association, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Federal Constitution. In honor of Roger Sherman's contribution to the United States Constitution, a main street in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, is named Sherman Avenue.

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Q: What famous thing is sherman roger rememberd for?
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