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Q: What field did the populist party have the most interest?
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In what field did the populist party have the most interest?

they represented the peasants in russia who wanted a social revolution

What group was most in favor of populist party platform?


Who is needs did the populist party most clearly represent?


What group was most opposed to the populist party's platform?

The Democratic Party became the chief opposition to the Populist Party. By adopting several Populist issues, it lessened the Populist's national attention. The Democrats then convinced the Populists to vote for their candidate, William Jennings Bryan. Joining with the Democrats took away the support from the Republicans who had formed a political alliance with them in North Carolina.

Was the populist successful?

The Populist movement was not successful. They ran a third party candidate for president in 1892 and lost. However, it was the most successful of the third parties.

In the late 1800's which group most often supported the ideas of the Populist Party?


What Populist Party reform would have most increased the influence of the common man over the national government?


What was The founders of the Populist Party would most likely have adopted which campaign slogan?

defend farmers and workers! regulate business and industry!

Was the populist movement ultimately successful?

it was a success because of the farmers

What issue caused the populist party to be absorbed by the Democratic Party?

The populists were, for the most part, unelectable on a national level. Their strong anti-elite, pro-agrarian platform lead to a voter base consisting almost completely of white farmers. In 1896, the Democratic party picked up many of the populist party's platform points. Realizing this, the populist leadership began debating whether to run their own candidate in the presidential election or to endorse the more electable Democrat, William Jennings Bryan. After a heated debate, the party came out in support of Bryan. During the election, Bryan took most of the populist vote. Unfortunately for them, Bryan lost the election. The populists were severely demoralized by this, and began to fracture as groups left for the more stable democrats or fought to gain control of the party.

Why did the populist party decline in the late 1890s?

Although the Populists (People's Party) had electoral victories after their formation in 1892, the Democratic Party adopted similar platforms in 1896. That year, the party split over the support for Democratic presidential candidiate William Jennings Bryan. In the South , many of the populist supporters became Democrats. Although the party limped along for three more elections (1900, 1904, and 1908), it finished poorly in all three. Some Populists also joined the Socialist party.

A political party is most like which type of group?

an interest group ~myla vance