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basically everything, people had ration books for just sugar

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potatoes, bread, sugar, pastry, eggs, dried egg, porridge

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Q: What food did they get in the ration book?
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Why did they have to use ration book?

German bombed ships that delivered the food so a ration book helped people to buy food.

How did you get a ration book?

i think you got one from a food store

What does a ration book contain?

a date, list of food and terms of conditions

How was rationing controlled in WW2?

Everyone had to have a ration book and per week to get their food supply and the deliverers have to stamp the book to show they had their amount of food for that week

Why did you have to say which shopyou were going to buy your food from in ww2?

So that the correct ration book could be issued.

What food did the dutch promise to contribute to all conpetitors in the ration book Olympics?


How do you make a ration book?

its easy all you ned to do is make a book with ration on the front lol

How do you use a ration book?

To use a ration book, you typically present it at designated stores or distribution centers in exchange for a predetermined amount of essential goods like food, fuel, or clothing. Each item has an allocated amount in the ration book, and once these have been redeemed, you may need to wait until the next allocation period.

What part of speech is ration books?

Ration books is a plural noun. The singular is ration book.

When was a ration book introduced?

Ration books were introduced during World War II, in 1942, as a means to allocate scarce resources like food and supplies fairly among the population, ensuring everyone had access to necessities during the war.

How did ration work?

rationing worked by them being given little of food each day and they ticked it off in there ration book so they could not buy the same thing again that week.

Where would you have collected your food rations from in WW2?

As a civilian, you received a book of ration STAMPS from the War Rationing Board. When you purchased an item from a merchant that was rationed, you need money AND ration stamps for that item. This included food- which you bought from the grocer or butcher.