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Q: What former president wanted to restore grandeur and pagentry?
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Who is Zambia's former president?

President Kenneth Kaunda was the first and former president.

What is the correct title for a FORMER president of the US?

The correct title for a former president of the United States is "former President."

How is Cuba government?

I think the former President will appoint the vice president I think the former President will appoint the vice president

What is an anagram for a granola nerd that is a former us president a former supreme court justice a former senator or a former British Prime Minister?

Former US President Ronald Reagan

What president was a former union general?

Ulysses S. Grant was a former Union general who became president.

What is an ex-president?

An ex-president is a former president - a president who has left office.

What are the Rights of an former president?

It is the same as the rights of an president

What men pardoned a former president?

The man pardoned was a former president, Richard Nixon. And the president pardoning him was Gerald Ford who took office after Nixon's resignation.

Can a former US president run for office of VP of US?

Yes a former US President can run for office of Vice President of the United States. A former US President can run and be elected for any other type of office.

Is Bill Clinton a Democrat or a Republican?

Former President Bill Clinton is a Democrat.

Who is the president of France married to?

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy is married to the former model and singer Carla Bruni. Current President François Hollande is not married.

To fulfill his desire to restore the Roman Empire to its former size Justinian needed .?

A strong military