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Eisenhower was born in Texas but his family moved out when he was very young.

Lyndon Johnson spent his whole life in Texas. Both Bushes have spent much of the adult lives in Texas and live there now, in 2010.

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Q: What four us presidents had ties to Texas?
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How many presidents can Texas claim?

Four US presidents have ties to Texas. Two presidents, Dwight Eisenhower and Lyndon Johnson were born in Texas. Eisenhower's family soon moved ot Kansas so his birth there . was his only Texas connection Johnson was a life-long resident of Texas and served as Congressman and US Senator from Texas. George H. W. Bush was a US Congressman from Texas and his son George W. Bush was governor of Texas. Both have lived most of their lives in Texas although neither was born there,

Are any presidents from Kansas?

there are no presidents born in Kansas, but Dwight D. Eisenhower is from there.

How many United States presidents are from TX?

Eisenhower was born in Texas, as was Lyndon Johnson, George H. W. Bush and George W. have resided in Texas. Other have spent some time in Texas as a result of military service.

Which US Presidents have ties with Illinois?

Lincoln who spent most of his adult life there and Obama who worked there also,

What US presidents from KY?

Abraham Lincoln was born in KY and the only one with any Kentucky ties.

How many US presidents were assasssinated who were they?

Four US Presidents Abraham Lincoln James Garfield William McKinley John Kennedy

How many of the last ten presidents of the US were governors?

four: Jimmy Carter (Georgia) Ronald Reagan (California) Bill Clinton (Arkansas) George W. Bush (Texas)

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What states were the us presidents born in?

Eight from Virginia, seven from Ohio, four from Massachusetts and four from New York. There have been two from North Carolina, Texas and Vermont. A total of 21 US States have been the birthplace of at least one US President.

Who are the four fathers on Mt Rushmore?

There are four US Presidents on Mt Rushmore, not the four founding fathers. The Presidents are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

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What are the terms for the US president?

US Presidents have always been elected for a four year period