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The amount of water in the earth's atmosphere is 1/3000.

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Q: What fraction of water resides in the Earth's Atmosphere?
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What is salt water made up of?

salt and water

Buchanan Water Sampler?

The Buchanan water sampler was used on the Challenger ship to test the water back in the 1870's.

What water problem do you think is most critical in your community?

Salt water

What is a water wheel?

The water runs into cups and the wheel rotates under the weight of it

How do landfills pollute groundwater?

Landfills are a great example of "Out of sight - out of mind" Once the final cover od soil and grass is in place the potential problems are ignored. Wastes in a landfill can be broken down into several categories: * Inert * Toxic * Biodegradable * Soluble (leachable) A properly designed waste disposal site is contained by liners and clay covers so that nothing gets in or out. A poorly designed system is more like a teabag. So what comes and goes through a poorly designed site? Water comes through from the surface. This speeds up decomposition and brings in oxygen to promote the growth of microorganisms. The decomposing organics liberate methane gas (a powerful greenhouse gas). The gas flows out of the surface of the site to the atmosphere or travels with pores in the soil to local basements causing safety problems. As the water seeps through the mass of waste it dissolves organics, salts and metals from the site. These flow down and into the groundwater where they degrade the potability and usefulness of the water in several ways. If the water flows out into a stream it can kill fish or eutrophy the water to promote algae growth

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What fraction of earths water is not ocean water?

about 8%

What if earths atmosphere was water?

we will all die!

How much of earths water is stored in the atmosphere?

Less than 0.001% of Earth's total water supply is stored in the atmosphere at any one time. This includes water vapor, clouds, and precipitation. The vast majority of Earth's water is found in the oceans.

What is the movement of water between earths surface and the atmosphere?

The movement of water between Earth's surface and the atmosphere is known as the water cycle. This cycle involves processes like evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and runoff, which collectively govern the distribution of water on Earth. The water cycle is crucial for maintaining the balance of water within the environment.

Almost all of the water vapor in earths atmosphere is contained in the?

Troposphere. This is the lowest section of the earths atmosphere that contains 75% of the earths atmosphere by mass and 99% of the earths water vapour. This section of the atmosphere starts at the surface and extends 7-20km up, the thickness depending largely on where you are in the world.

What is the movement of water from earths surface to the atmosphere and back again?

it is water cycle

When is water moved from the atmosphere to earths surface?

When it rains or snows.

Is new water made in earths atmosphere?

no, just recycled

What is earths method of moving water through the atmosphere?


What is the constant movement of water between the atmosphere and earths surface called?

water cycle

What is a water based material that falls from the atmosphere to the earths surface?


Where does water move continuously between Earths surface and the atmosphere?

the Amazon