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Issue licenses, regulate intrastate (within the state) businesses, conduct elections, establish local governments, ratify amendments to the Constitution, take measures for bublic health and safety, may exert powers the Constitution does not delegate to the national government

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Despite the supremacy clause granting primacy and extensive powers to the federal government, states reserve significant powers and authority. States can levy taxation within their borders, they can also grant various licensure (medical & law practice, driving, business).

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Within the US, state governments mirror the same functions that the federal government is involved with. The difference is in scope. As per the US Constitution, all matters not delegated to the central government are left to the states to handle. With that said, state governments have an executive, legislative and judicial branch to manage their affairs.

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Q: What functions can state government assume?
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List and define three functions a state government can assume?

1. issue licenses; 2. regulate interstate (within the state) businesses; conduct elections; 3. establish local governments

What are the Functions of state government?

The functions of state government are quite diverse. In most cases, they are a replica of the federal government at the local level and provide various state functions through the districts within a state including health, education, infrastructure and so much more.

Who did Hamiltion wanted the federal government to assume and pay the debts of the?

He wanted the federal government to assume and pay all state debts.

What rules and processes are there for federal agencies to assume jurisdiction from state agencies?


What role and responsibilities does the premier have?

The Premier is the leader of the government in the state and the head of the party that holds government. They are ultimately responsible for the actions of the Government and the public service, and represent the state in official functions.

What are the responsibilities of the national government to the state government?

Districts also provide functions in local government outside county or municipal boundaries. The federal, state and local governments in the United States.

Is considered a primary functions of state government?

enforcement of laws regarding the public safety

How is state local and national government similar to ancient Greek government?

The Greek city-state was the one and only form of government, carrying out all the functions of government, rather than having three levels.

Functions of the government agencies in the Philippines an their functions?

government agencies and their functions

Functions of executive?

The executive is one of the departments of government that is designed in law matters. The function of the executive can be a head of state, foreign minister, and head of government, justice minister or defense minister.

What did the first state constitutions focus on?

How to organize state government functions. SInce there were states before there was a US federal government, state constitutions were revised after 1789 to address how states would carry out the functions denied to the feds and reserved to the states.

How was opposition to Hamilton's plan for federal government to assume state debt solved?

Capital was moved to the south.