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federal or confederal states

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Q: States in which separate state or provincial governments have important functions to perform independently or share with a central government are called?
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What is Queen's Park in Toronto?

It is the provincial government offices, like where Premier Dalton McGunity's main office is. It functions like the Parliament buildings do for the Federal government.

What are the responsibilities of the national government to the state government?

Districts also provide functions in local government outside county or municipal boundaries. The federal, state and local governments in the United States.

What are d functions of state government?

Generally speaking state governments do not involve themselves in research and development outside of municipal projects.

Does the US government function under a social contract?

The US government functions under a social contract. As a matter of fact all governments including the Roman empire are run on a social contract.

Functions of the government agencies in the Philippines an their functions?

government agencies and their functions

What are some values opinions of federalism in the US?

Basically, that the federal government should serve some functions for ALL of the states (which the states wouldn't be good at doing, independently), such a fight wars, collect taxes for national defense, and interstate functions such as highways, etc.

Do Governments perform many functions for their stakeholders?


Which academic discipline focuses study on the roles and functions of government?

Political science is the academic discipline that focuses on the study of the roles and functions of government, including how political power is distributed and exercised within society. It examines political institutions, processes, and behavior to understand how governments operate and make decisions.

What are the five functions that all national governments perform?


What functions did ancient mesopotamia's governments perform?

lots of stuff for the city;)

What kind of functions did ancient governments perform?

food facilities and security

What are the functions of political parties?

The functions of political parties are: · Contest elections · Formulate different policies and programmes · Plays a decisive role in making laws for a country. · Form and run governments · Role of opposition parties in checking the working of government · Shape public opinion, and raise and highlight issues · Provide people access to government machinery and welfare schemes implemented by the government