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In the United States political parties play a significant role in all levels of government. The two major parties, the Democrat & Republican political parties dominate the US State governments & the Federal government.

Of all memberships, the Democrat Party has an advantage in registered members on a 3 to 2 majority basis over the Republican Party. The majority of voters in the United States however are "independents", with no official party affiliations. Even unions which tend to support the Democrat Party have no control on how their members vote in local, State & Federal elections.

With all this said, the 2 major parties' candidates for offices of State Governorships, State legislatorships & Federal Government offices are the ones who are elected. The job the political parties have is trying to focus the independent voters on why their parties' candidates deserve to be elected. They fashion the issues at hand.

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Nominating candidates, Informing/Activating supporters, bonding agent function, governing, and acting as watchdog.

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Nominating Function

Informer-Stimulator Function

Bonding Agent Function

Government Function

Watchdog Function

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Q: What functions do political parties in America perform?
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