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If you go to the extreme left your life is in danger if you voice an opinion other then that of the government. USSR

If you go to the extreme right your life is in danger if you voice an opinion other then that of the government. NAZI Germany

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Q: What fundamental values are common on the right and the left of the political spectrum?
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How do independent values differ from conservative?

Independents can hold the ideology that there are good points and philosphies on both sides of the political spectrum. Conservatives are only involved with the right end of the political spectrum.

The system of fundamental values and dominant beliefs that are shared throughout society and that shape political behavior and government policies is known?

social structure

Does relegion affect political ethic and values?

No, it is wrong to say like that, because political ethics and values will not be get affected due to religion.Why i am saying like this means, religion is common to all the people in the world and it will not affect the political ethics and values as those both are different.

What is value spectrum of good life?

A good life can be lead in a society with peace, harmony, well-being and fellow feeling. Just like light has seven distinct spectrum colour expressed as "VIBGYOR", similarly a good life comprises of seven important values. They are material values, social values, aesthetic values, physiological values, ethical values and spiritual values. The above seven values are known as the spectrum of good life.

How did the writings of enlightenment-era thinkers like john Locke and Montesquieu influence the American revolution?

These writings challenged traditional social, religious, and political values.

What best defines a spectrum?

The range of values of some property

Why are values an important component of culture?

A value is a preference. For example, to decide to drink water rather than beer is to prefer or value water rather than beer. Human cultures are composed of human beings making decisions. It's not clear how they could share a common culture without sharing some fundamental values, in other words, without having some fundamental preferences in common. .

What are three values Americans share because of their common civic anf political heritage?

life liberty and the persuit of happiness

What is a fundamental source of political socialization?

The fundamental source of political socialization is the family. What is learned first is learned best. Also, what is learned first structures later learning. Family's beliefs and attitudes towards politics will be person's first political socialization experience. Since young children tend to spend the majority of their time with their family members, their family's political values and views will become the core base of person's political beliefs. Later on in life, when person starts attending school, his/her political views start to further shape under influence of his/her teachers and peers.

Political and cultural values are often separate true or false?

Political and cultural values are often separate.

What are American fundamental political values?

Representative GovernmentLimited GovernmentEqual OpportunityOpportunity of a Market EconomyRule of LawSeparation of Church and StateRights and ResponsibilitiesFreedom and Independence

National Development and the Spectrum of Values?

That's nondevelopment, not Development isn't it?