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I think that a lot of things contribute to this. Some people think that they are superior because they are smarter, or prettier, or nicer, or more righteous, or less religious, or because they are a certain gender, hair color, or race. Sometimes children grow up learning these attitudes from others, and sometimes they determine these things through their own experiences.

I think that people probably *are* superior to each other in certain ways. I might know more about education that someone else... and in that limited way I have a superiority, right? But that other person probably is better in other ways than I am... probably all balances out in the end.

If we expand it to why people hate each other, then that gets even worse. The same attitudes above can be expanded through fear or insecurity to full-blown hatred, which can lead to violence. Another Answer I have met two people, I let get close to me who had the attitude of being superior because they did get a good education. On the contrary of being smart they both expanded on a very mean and malevolent hatred of insecurity underneath the surface of their charming personality. I had to get away from them before their hatred lead to violence. People with that type of superiority are very unprodictable and are not free from being vandictive/revengeful.

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Q: What gives a person the idea of being superior over another?
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