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becuse each set stands for something each person choosing a set helps represent themselves in other ways therfore so many sets gives a variety of ways to represent

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Q: Why are there so many crip sets?
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How founded the Asian Boyz gang?

The Asian Boyz Gang are a gang under the Crip Alliance with gangs such as the Crips & Hoover Criminals to name a couple. So the godfathers of all Crip sets are Stanley ''Tookie'' Williams & Raymond Washington. *As far as the founder of the Asian Boyz Crip set Marvin Mercado is the sets founder.

Are there Crip gangs in Oakland CA?

yes there are, but only Asian sets, no Black sets allowed.

What is the names of all the crip sets?

der is way to many to list. but it usely is regianal like a town neighborhood or even a street

Why do Piru's write with cck?

Cck Stands for Compton Crip Killer & cK stands for Crip Killer. When Bloods and Pirus say cCk they're disrespecting all Crip sets under the Compton Crips card. When they say cK they're disrespecting the entire Crip Alliance.

Are there blood and crip gangs in Canada?

There are only two official Blood sets in Canada that have connections to the real Bloods in Cali, those two sets are Orton Park Bloods & Greenfield Park Bloods. As far as official Crips in Canada goes, the only Crips with ties to the real Crips in Cali are a few Rollin O's/Neighborhood Crips, such as the Rollin 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's & 60's. And a few East Coast Crip sets & a few Mafia Crip sets.

Is IYAZ a crip or blood?

IYAZ is always wearing blue so it is said she is Crip.

What color westside crips wear?

There is no such Crip set as the ''westside Crips''. The Crips gang was created on the West Side aka the West Coast aka California, in Los Angeles. But as far as a Crip set called the ''westside Crips'' that doesn't exist. However, all Crip sets wear the color blue, there are some Crip sets who wear a secondary color, for example the Black Mafia Family Crips wear the colors blue & black & the Latin Mafia Familia Crips wear the colors blue & brown.

How did crip sets start?

A set is a division of the gang, u can't just claim Crip without belonging to a set & most sets have a subset unless they're a very small set....Below are some Crip sets to give u an idea of what I mean............... East Side Long Beach Rollin 20's Crips West Side Rollin 30's Harlem Crips West Side Rollin 40's Neighborhood Crips West Side Rollin 50's Neighborhood Crips SIDE NOTES: Crip sets have been around since their starting, they created these sets to divide up the gang depending on what area of California they were formed. Tookie Williams(co-founder of the Crips) controlled the West Side Crips & Raymond Washington(co-founder of the Crips) founded the East Side Crips.

Dedrick D Gobert is or not a crip gang member?

well he apeared in gang movies so yes he was a crip

Is tyga a crip or a blood?

tyga is a crip.

Is j-kwon a blood or crip?

J-Kwon has said in a few songs that he is a Crip, but he never said what set he claims so I'm guessing he's a false claimer.

How do you crip walk?

The C-Walk (short for Crip Walk) is a dance originated from the Crip Gang from Los Angeles, California in the 1970s.There are many different variations of the crip walk, but the simplest move is the V. The V can be down when you're standing with your two feet forming the letter v. From there, rotating both feet in opposite directions, so that your toes touch, then rotate again in the opposite of that direction, so your heels touch again. Repeat so that your toes touch again, but with each step, your body should shift sideways.Check out the related link below for more on the crip walk.