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The rules committee sets a time limit for debating a bill. They do most things involving bills.

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Q: What committee sets the time limit for debating a bill?
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When a standing committee sets aside a bill and no longer considrs it the bill has been?


What happens to a bill after it goes to committee?

Most bills goes to the Rules Committee. This committee sets conditions for debate and amendment when the whole House meets on the bill. In the Senate, the leader of the majority party set the schedule for debate by the whole Senate.

Who is the House committee that sets the parameter for debate?

Rules Committee

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What is the title of the person on a committee that sets the agenda?

Maybe a Planner

What committee sets the structure for the debate that ensues in the full house?

Rules Committee. *Read the book, I could be lying.

What does the constitution do to limit government?

The constitution sets boundaries to limit what the government can & cannot do.

Why do you think members of the house of representives consider assignment to the rules committee an important appointment?

= The Rules Committee can give priority to the bills that are most important. It can also kill a bill by not letting it get to the floor. In the House, the Rules Committee sets the terms for debate. It usually puts time limits on the discussion, for example, to speed up action. =

What does a person do first to see if it is possible to win a presidential election?

he or she selects an exploratory committee

Who sets prime rate?

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What is the function of the House Committee on Rules?

When a bill is reported out of one of the other committees, it does not go straight to the House floor, because the House, unlike the United States Senate, does not have unlimited debate and discussion on a bill.

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