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The Administrative Agencies

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Q: What government agencies handle day-to-day regulatory issues?
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What government agencies that normally handle and prepare for the emergency services?

department of homeland security

What did Calvin Coolidge do with the size of government?

Coolidge believed in a government that restricted itself to the duties specified in the Constitution for the federal government. He did not try to expand the government into new areas with new agencies created to handle them.

Which of the following are described as the heart of the computing systems of most major corporations and government agencies and can handle a wide range of applications?


The Federal Administrative System's main goal is to?

The Federal Administrative System is meant to handle the day-to-day business of the federal government. It consists of the departments, bureaus, and agencies that handle specific issues and affairs of the federal government. The Federal Administrative System is known more informally as the bureaucracy.

What are the five federal agencies that handle criminal investigation.describe the mission and function of each of these agencies?

no i can not answer it will you please answer it for me thank you

Why are agencies like the FBI risky?

Agencies like the FBI are risky because they can handle very dangerous cases.

Do wildlife control agencies handle problems with squirrels in your attic?

No, generally wildlife control agencies will only handle problems with animals on public property. You are responsible to deal with problems on your own property.

How does the government handle domestic policy?

how do the government handle domestic policy now

Who watches over insurance companies?

Generally every state has a Department of Insurance or Insurance Commissioner's Office that regulates insurance companies, agents, and agencies. They may have other regulatory responsibilities as well. In Georgia they also handle several other issues including being the State Fire Marshall.

What is the federal beauracracy?

The Federal government of the United States operates as a system of interconnected departments and agencies to deal with the administration of government programs. The term "bureaucracy" (which might mean "government by the deskholders") applies to the slow, inefficient, and sometimes counter-productive process by which agencies handle the legal and operational details of their assigned services. Because the individual employees are tasked with limited and specific duties, they are often unable or unwilling to correct deficiencies which may result in hardship to affected citizens. Phrases such as "paper pushers" and "red tape" are common when describing the many intractable processes of government.

What are three ways governments distribute power?

Governments distribute power through separation of powers, federalism (division between central and regional authorities), and checks and balances (where branches of government have oversight over each other).

Why argue over black footed ferrets?

Because the U S Government wants to handle thngs differently from Individual State governments and the laws for endangered species falls across different government agencies. Some politician view wildlife conservation as an important issue, while others don't care about the environment.