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The Treasury Department

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Q: What government corporation generates non tax revenue for the government?
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What government corporation genereates non tax revenue for the government?

The Treasury Department

Is the internal revenue service a British corporation?

The Internal Revenue Service is a part of the United States Department of the Treasury. The British equivalent is HM Revenue and Customs, a non-ministerial department of the U.K. Government. Much of this work used to be dealt with by another department, Inland Revenue, which was merged with HM Customs and Excise in 2005.

What is revenue receipt?

It is revenue without any liability. Revenue receipts of government includes earning from tax incomes(like corporation tax, income tax, custom) and non tax income(like interest from bond, dividend from PSU). where as capital receipt include borrowing of the government like market loan and short term borrowing. The regular income from day to day business activities in a business is revenue receipts. For example,of revenue income are income for sales,interest,rent,commission,discount etc

What is the difference between cost center and revenue center?

Cost center is a non-revenue producing element of an organization where costs are separately figured and allocated and for which someone is held personally responsible. And a revenue center is distinctly identifiable place, department or unit that directly generates the revenue through sales of good or services.

What type of revenue typically comprises net fee and commission income trading revenue and other income?

Non interest revenue

Define public revenue?

Public Revenue is the income realized by the government for purposes of financing public administration. Public revenue may be realized from taxation of the various entities and activities within the country or from non-tax sources such as revenue from government-owned corporations, public wealth funds, grants etc.

Difference between tax revenue and non tax revenue?

Tax Revenue:Taxes are the first and foremost sources of public revenue. Taxes are compulsory payments to government without expecting direct benefit or return by the tax payer. Taxes collected by Government are used to provide common benefits to all mostly in form of public welfare services. Taxes do not guarantee any direct benefit for person who pays the tax. It is not based on direct quid pro quo principle. Non-Tax RevenueThe revenue obtained by the government from sources other then tax is called Non-Tax Revenue.

What is the non tax revenue of tamilnadu?

Non-tax revenues cover a wide array of government revenue sources, ranging from proceeds fromthe sale of communications bandwith, to mineral royalties to interest on loans by governments to finesand penalties.

What is a government tax foreclosure property?

It is property "seized" by the government for non-payment of taxes or in satisfaction of a tax lien. It can either be converted to government use or sold at auction to raise revenue.

What kind of economic system does Taiwan have?

Mixed Economy: the government gets some of the revenue for public works civil service defense etc and the rest is non government controlled.

What is the difference between a corporation and a commission?

The difference between a corporation and a commission is in their functions. A corporation if a government entity that serves the public while a commission is an investigative body set up for a particular task.

What is non-aeronautical revenue?

Non- aeronautical revenue are those that collected from other recreational facilities inside the airport.