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NovaNet ANSWER: Northern industrialists

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Q: What groups tended to favor tariffs?
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Which groups tended to favor tariffs?

Northern industrialists favored tariffs.

What group tended to favor tarrifs?

It was the North because the north gained money while south lost it because they bought most of their goods from Britain, who goods had the tariffs on them.

Did the south favor low tariffs?


Was the south in favor of tariffs?

No; the South depended on exporting cotton and US tariffs would have invited tariffs in the countries to which they exported.

Why did Governor Hayne of The North higher tariffs because tariffs . The South higher tariffs because tariffs South Carolina favor states' rights?

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Did federalists policies tended to favor banking and buisness?

its true

In general the whig party tended to favor?

The Whig Party was a political party that was active in the U.S. during the early 19th century. In general, it tended to favor a strong federal role in both moral and economic issues.

Why did nothern farmers favor protective tariffs?

to reduce competition from foreign grain producers.

What is the economic policies of both Harding's and Coolidge's administrations tended to favor?

large companies

Did the democrats and republicans tended to support a program of active federal support for economic growth including high tariffs?


Which reason motivated industrialists in northern states to favor tariffs during the early 1800?

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Why did the north favor high tariffs?

The South didn't want high tariffs because their economy relied on foreign trade.