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After the assassination of archduke and crown prince Franz Ferdinand by Serbian assassins, the Austrian-Hungarian empire concluded that Serbia paid the assassins to kill the archduke to prevent Bosnia's request for annexation from being accepted. thus to acenge his son's death Emperor Joseph declares war on Serbia. Serbia's long time ally, The Russian Empire declares war the next day. Russia's main ally, France, proceeds to declare war on Austria-Hungary. As an ally of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire the German Empire declares war on the Kingdom of Serbia, The Russian Empire and the French Republic a few days after the French. In an attempt to immoblize the French at the start of the war the German Empire orders a full mobilization and marchs 600,000 troops to France for a land invasion. However the fastest route would be through Belgium. The German Army advanced into Belgium territory. Belgium's number one ally the British Empire sends an ultimatium; withdraw all troops from belgium territory or face war an the german s ignore. 30,000 professional Belgium troops are sent to stop the mighty Imperial German Army. The Belgium resist for 2 days while the Belgium government mobilizes and after two days 80,000 draftees are marched to relief the Belgium army. After 3 more days (the fifth day of fighting) the belgium army is ordered to retreat to defend Brussels, the capital. The Imperial German Army continue the march to France, however the next day 500,000 Royal British troops intercept and a few days later 300,000 French troops reach the British army.

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Austria Hungary declared war on Serbia, then Russia came in to protect Serbia, then Britain and France were dragged in to protect russia, then Germany and Italy came in to protect austria Hungary.

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It started the first world war.

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began wwi

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Q: What happend the day after franz ferinand died?
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