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Shakespeare died on his birthday: 23rd April

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There are many babies the are born and unfortunately die the same day.

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Q: Who are the persons born and died the same date?
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What are the characteristics of 10th sep 1979 born persons?

The same as 11th sep 1979 born persons The same as 12th oct 1980 born persons The same as 13th nov 1981 born persons The same as 14th dec 1982 born persons The same as 15th Jan 1983 born persons The same as 16th feb 1984 born persons The same as 17th mar 1985 born persons The same as 18th apr 1986 born persons The same as 19th may 1987 born persons That being, that they are all persons - humans. The time of a birth will not affect one's "characteristics"... just the time period in which they will experience events. A man born in September is no different than a woman born in March... except for the gonads, perhaps.

Did Louis die?

yes, he did in 1990 march 20. he died on that day witch was the same date he was born in

Why might the date of Shakespeare's death be said to be a coincidence?

Because the day he died was the same day he was born, so he basically died on his birthday

How old was anne marbury Hutchinson when she died?

Anne Hutchinson was baptised on 20 July 1591 and it is reasonable to assume that she was born earlier the same year. The massacre in which she died was recorded in September 1643, although the precise date is not known. If Anne was born in the same year as her baptism she would have been 52 when she died.

What date is the feast day of St. Joseph freinademetz?

jan. 28, the same date he died..

Were born of the same parents on the same date. But technically speaking they are not twins. riddle?

born on different years?

What happened on the date of Shakespeare's death?

Miguel de Cervantes died on the same date as Shakespeare, but not on the same day. They both died on April 23, 1616, but Cervantes died in Spain where they used the Gregorian calendar, and Shakespeare died in England where they used the Julian calendar. April 23 happened 10 days earlier in Spain, so Cervantes died 10 days before Shakespeare, even though they died on the same date.

Three presidents died on the date July 4th two of the three died in the same year but only one president was born on July 4th who were the four?

John Adams and Jefferson died on 7/4/1826. Monroe died 7/4/1831. Calvin Coolidge was born on 7/4/1872.

Prima j were born at the same date?

yes prima j were born in the same year just different months

What is the date of birth and date of death of Jane mathewson wife of christy mathewson?

I was wondering the same thing and from the research I did it looks like Jane Mathewson formerly Jane Stoughton was born Jan. 9 1880 and died in 1967.

What is English calendar date of Bengali date 8th Ashar 1388?

29th kartik 1388 what date in english

What was interesting about the recorded date of William shakespeares death?

He was born on April 23, 1564 He died on April 23, 1616 Therefore the interesting thing about his death is that it is the same day as his birthday.