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Congress named a Virginian , George Washington , to command the Continental Army, which is the military force that would carry out the fight against Britain. As Washington prepared for the was, the congress pursued peace. On July 5th the delegates signed the Olive Branch Petition, asking the king to restore harmony between Britain and the colonies. King George refused to read it and looked for new way to punish the colonies.

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The British Solders headed toward Lexington and Concord had set farmhouses on fire as they marched along the road. When the people in the surrounding area saw the light from the flames, they grabbed their guns and ran toward the flames. When the British army retreated from Concord, the groups of hastily drawn up militias fired their guns at the retreating solders. As they retreated more and more militia killed more and more British solders. A relief battalion set out from Boston to rescue the retreating solders. Those not killed were rescued.

The king had previously closed Boston Harbor. Ships had sailed across the river and unloaded their cargoes at the city of Charleston, Massachusetts. After their defeat at Concord, the British solders went across the river from Boston and burned the city of Charleston. They burned the one city in Massachusetts totally loyal to the King. They destroyed their allies.

They followed the burning of Charleston with the Battle of Bunker Hill. Since Charleston no longer existed, all the victory gave them was the loss of life of 1,500 solders.

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Q: What happened after the battle of Lexington and concord?
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The Battle of Concord and Lexington 1775Battle: Concord and Lexington 1775War: American RevolutionDate: 19th April 1775Place: Boston, Massachusetts

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