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It wasn't signed until 1789 and not 1787. The reason is that many wouldn't sign without a Bill of Rights and that took a couple of years to add. After it was signed Washington was elected President with John Adams as Vice President. Washington's administration set up in Philadelphia ( today there is a grassy green in Liberty Bell park where his house and offices were located) and he began the work of setting up the new nation. He was smart because he knew what he did would be copied by future Presidents. He was right. There was a lot to do for the new nation. The war ruined the economy and there were debts to pay, the structure of the government had to be set up and various departments created. The politics was very bad between the federalist and anti federalist fractions. Washington didn't believe in political parties so he tried to stay away from the arguments.

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Q: What happened after the constitution was written and signed by the delegates in 1787?
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How many individuals signed the Constitution?

39 delegates signed the US Constitution.

When was the US Constitution signed by the delegates?

The delegates had signed the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787.

What percentage of the delegates signed the constitution?

About 70 or 70.9 percent of the delegates signed the consitution,39 delegates out of 55 signed.

How many delegates signed the document at the constitutional convention?

40 delegates signed, 13 weren't there and didn't sign, and 3 refused to sign.

When did the delegates sign the new constitution?

The delegates signed the new constitution on September 1787

How many delegates actually signed the constitution?

there was 42 delegates

What are the numbers of delegates that signed the Constitution?


How many delegates have their names as signers of the constitution?

Thirty-nine delegates actually signed the Constitution. There were 55 delegates at the convention, but only 39 people actually showed up and signed.

How many delegates at the constitutional convention signed the US constitution?

55 signed the constitution.

What was the month was signed by the delegates at the constitutional convention of 1787?

The delegates signed the final Constitution on September 17th, 1787.

What were the responsibilities of the delegates?

The delegates at the Constitutional Convention were responsible for drafting the US Constitution. There were 55 delegates but only 39 signed the Constitution.

Who signed the constitution on September 17 1787?

39 delegates signed the constitution