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Lexington Green during the Revolutionary War was the place where Paul Revere took his famous ride in 1775 to warn of the British army approaching. This is also a place where the British were trying to capture who they thought were the most troublesome, Samuel Adams and John Hancock.

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When Lexington happened in April of 1776 the war hadn't started. Actually, it was the first shots of the war. The British patrol marched into the town on the early morning April 18. 1776 enroute to Concord to collect the arms and gunpowder that was stored there. Waiting on the green of Lexington were 77 men from age 16 to 78. They told the British officer that he wasn't going to continue to Concord. After they were ordered to "get off the King's green" by the officer a shot rang out that started a small skirmish between the two groups. Several colonist were killed and wounded, a couple of houses set on fire by the troops, and ransacked before they moved on the Concord. By the time they reached the bridge at Concord that afternoon the men of the area had gathered and more shots were fired that began the war. A minuteman statue stands at the bridge today and on it a plaque reads " The shot that was heard around the world started here." The day was not a good one for the British troops as they marched back to Boston they were shot at the entire way. More British troops died than minutemen and the wool red uniforms, blistered feet from wet boots and marching, the lack of gunpowder left the "redcoats" in ragged shape by the time they got back to Boston. The revolution was on.

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Q: What happened at Lexington Green?
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