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The Colonist's, (American's), fought for their right's and freedom's from the English Empire, (British). The French, due to their hatred of the English fought with the American's while the Hessian (German mercenaries) fought for the British. The indentured servants and slaves fought for both sides, more on the British side feeling the British to be the better, 'stronger team' to be on.

The American's won, and that is how the 'great experiment' began. The Great experiment is the belief that 'man' could govern him/her self. This would be the first time ever in History that this was tried.

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let me summarize it...

theyre was louse and he sucked so they killed him and the end...

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The United States issued the Declaration of Independence.

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King George made taxing

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Q: What happened in 1784 of the American revolution?
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Did the American Revolution or the Russian revolution happen first?

The American Revolution happened first. It went from 1775 to 1783. The Russian Revolution happened in 1917.

Did The french revolution happen before the American Revolution?

The French Revolution happened during 1789-1799 and the American Revolution happened during 1775-1783. So the French Revolution happened before the American Revolution.

Was the declaration made after the American Revolution?

yes one year after the american revolution and that was in 1775 when the american revolution happened but in 1776 the decloration was signed

What historical events happened in the 1700s?

The American revolution and the France revolution. Napoleaon.

What major events happened during 1750-1820 about classical?

the American revolution

What happened to the US in 1783?

american revolution ended

What happened on march 1776?

the American revolution started

Did the American revolution happen in result of the french revolution?

No it happened the other way around.

How did the American revolution happened?

it happen becase American colonis wanted freedom

What treaty formally marked the end of the revolutionary war?

The Treaty of Paris, 1783, formally ended the American Revolution. It was ratified by the Continental Congress in 1784.

Name a war that happened in Rhode Island?

The American Revolution.

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West Indies