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The relationship between President Answer Jackson and Vice President John Calhoun deteriorated during the years of 1829 to 1832. They had very different opinions about how to run the country and how to tax the people.

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Q: What happened to the relationship between Jackson and Calhoun between 1829 and 1832?
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What controversy drove a wedge between President Jackson and his vice president John C Calhoun?

Peggy O'Neale Timberlake, a bar hostess with something of a reputation, married John Eaton, Jackson's Secretary of War . Mrs. Calhoun considered her trash, would not socialize with her, nor anyone who did. Jackson thought his cabinet and the vice-president and their wives should be friendly with each other. Later, when Calhoun was in the Senate, he and Jackson disagreed on the right of a state to secede from the union.

The conflict between Jackson and Calhoun was sharpened by their strong disagreement over the?

John Calhoun and Andrew Jackson were staunch political foes. The situation was made worse when Calhoun persuaded South Carolina to nullify tariffs set in place by the Jackson administration in 1828 and 1832. Jackson petitioned Congress and won the right to use federal forces to enforce federal law, and anchored wars ships off the Charleston coast.

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the personal feud between Jackson and calhoun

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