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The houses of Parliament is were all laws are made.

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Q: What happens in the Houses of Parliament?
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What happens in houses of parliament?

The houses of Parliament is were all laws are made.

What happens to the clock at the houses of Parliament if a penny is removed from the pendulum bob?

the clock will not have accurate time

What bridge is the nearest to the houses of Parliament?

Westminster Bridge is adjacent to the Houses of Parliament.

What houses are in the houses of Parliament?


Which county is the houses of parliament in?

The Houses of Parliment are in London, UK.

The two houses of are the Lords and Commons.?

The two Houses of Parliament are the Commons and the Lords.

2 houses of Parliament in India?

lok sabha and rajya sabha are the 2 houses of the parliament

Hw many houses of parliament are there in Nsw?

There are 2 houses of parliament. The Senate and house of reps.

How far is Big Ben from the houses of parliament?

Big Ben is attached to the Houses of Parliament.

What does the British parliament consists of?

The two houses of parliament are the house of commons and the house of lords.

How many houses do Indian parliament?

Indian parliament has 2 houses: Lok sabha Rajya sabha

What are the houses that make up Parliament in Canada?

The houses that make Parliament in Canada are Senate and House of Commons